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Dover Area Animal Hospital

What is Credelio?

Puppy and kitten curled up in a blanket

By: Kendall

Posted on October 14, 2021

Some of you may be wondering about Credelio after hearing about our giveaway. We offer Credelio in our office for our clients’ convenience.

Credelio is a monthly chewable for pets that fight fleas and ticks. Credelio is a popular choice with our puppy and kitten owners because young pets are eligible starting at 8 weeks old. Although it can be used in young pets, Credelio can also be used throughout your pet’s entire adult life.

The best part: It starts working in only four hours! It is 99% effective after 8 hours, and that protection will last 35 days. Please be aware that although kittens can start for flea protection at 8 weeks, it does not protect against ticks until 6 months.

This is a great choice if you have a pet, young or old, not yet on flea prevention. Owners have the option of buying Credelio each month or stocking up for a couple months at a time. However, dogs with a history of seizures should not use Credelio. Owners of pregnant or breeding pets should speak with a vet before using.

Remember, every Credelio bought in October 2021 gives you one free entry into our Halloween giveaway! Check out our Facebook for more information about the prizes.