We are a full-service boarding facility for pets. We have regular, large, and x-large dog runs, a fenced in yard and heated, and air-conditioned kennels.

Dog Boarding $19.50 per night
Cat Boarding $18.50 per night

Extra Services while boarding:
X-Large dog bath $36.50
Large dog bath $32.50
Medium dog bath $28.50
Small dog bath $24.50
Cat bath $22.50

Dog nail trim $22.50
Cat nail trim $20.50

Medication Fee* $6.00 per day
*Please note: If you forget to bring you medication from home or we run out of medications during your pet’s stay, we will bill your account for any medication used from the hospital.


tn_paw_print_declawed2Vaccine Requirementstn_paw_print_declawed1

All vaccines need to be administered 2 weeks prior to boarding.

Dog Vaccines:
Rabies, Distemper with Parvo, and Kennel Cough (Bordetella)

Cat Vaccines:
Rabies, and Distemper
*If your pet was not vaccinated at DAAH, we will need a Vaccination Certification from your Veterinarian

tn_paw_print_declawed2Boarding Informationtn_paw_print_declawed1

If possible, when dropping your pet off for boarding, please leave your pet in the car while we go through the check in process.

Please be aware we will need to remove all collars/choker chains prior to placing your pet in our boarding facility.

No bedding/blankets needed. We supply appropriate bedding, which is changed twice daily for the comfort of your pet.

If your pet is on a special diet, please bring enough food for your pets stay. And please bring any special medications your pet is on as well.