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Dover Area Animal Hospital


Grooming Services

We offer full-service pet grooming here at Dover Area Animal Hospital. Our groomers are Shannon and Jacque. They are skilled in professional grooming techniques for dogs and cats. They understand the grooming needs of different breeds.

We only use veterinarian-recommended shampoos. We also carry hypo-allergenic, oatmeal, and prescription shampoos.

We will alert you and our veterinarians if we find skin or coat conditions that might need medical attention.

Full-Service Grooming Includes:

  • bathing with our vet-approved shampoos

  • drying

  • trimming nails

  • plucking hair from ears

  • clipping

Vaccine Requirements

Dog Vaccines: Rabies and Distemper with Parvo

Cat Vaccines: Rabies, and Distemper

*If your pet was not vaccinated at DAAH, we will need a Vaccination Certification from your Veterinarian.*

For an appointment please call (717) 292-9669 and ask for the grooming department.

Our Groomers