End of life services

Although the question of euthanizing a pet is an emotional decision, preparing for this end-of-life procedure can alleviate some stress and grief associated with it. Euthanasia is a painless experience for the pet when conducted by a veterinarian. It may be the last act of compassion you can show toward your ill or suffering pet. Veterinarians, who know how personal this decision is, can help guide you through the process.
Common questions that arise when pet owners face this decision include:
•Is my pet suffering?
•What are the effective treatment options?
•How do I know if the illness/condition is affecting my pet’s quality of life?

Saying goodbye to a cherished pet is never easy, but our veterinary professionals can help you identify when it is in the pet’s best interest to do so. We sedate all animals before euthanasia. The sedative is given intramuscularly and may have a slight sting. The sedative usually takes affect within 5-10 minutes. A second injection of euthanasia solution is given in the vein. This final injection stops the heart. Some pets may have muscle spasms or agonal breathing. Rest assure that your pet is no longer suffering or feeling any pain once the sedative is given. Our cremation services are provided by Allied Veterinary Cremation in Palmyra, PA. Allied offers communal and individual cremation services. Individual cremations remains are returned in a decorative wood carved box and a memorial card. Pet’s ashes are returned to DAAH in approximately 2 weeks.
We are able to hold patient’s remains for at home burials during inclement weather.
Some questions to think about before euthanizing your pet:
-Which family members should be present?
-What do you want to do with the pet’s remains?
-Do you want to stay throughout the whole process?

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